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Is talent acquisition an HR issue?

If you ask a business what their biggest asset is, most will say it is their workforce. When you ask them what the biggest challenge is, attracting and retaining quality people is high up in the list. The strange thing is, these companies who value their staff above all else and find it hard to attract the best and brightest, have a short careers page with some sparse information about the company on and a list of benefits. Talent acquisition isn’t an HR issue, it’s a marketing one. Your customers need more than a short page of content to attract them to buy from you, and candidates are no different - if they are going to commit to a relationship which will take up most of their waking day, you need to work harder to attract them. That is where Talent by Square Daisy can help you.
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More than just a salary.

In the past, the decision on whether or not a candidate applied and accepted a job was based largely around salary. Not anymore. A socially conscious generation are looking for more compelling reasons to work for you. Equality and diversity, corporate social responsibility, environmental issues, family friendly policies, flexible working, training and development - this is the real currency for the future of talent acquisition.
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Reducing recruitment costs.

The cost of recruiting people is high. This can be a tangible figure such as significant fees paid to recruitment agencies, but also in expenditure that is less easily tracked - training costs, management time and resources, interview time, unsuitable applications, administration - the true cost of bringing new people on board is much higher than anyone would like to admit. By marketing your business and employment opportunities in a way that resonates with exceptional talent they can come to you directly via a streamlined candidate experience that lowers capital costs, brings down attrition rates and improves productivity.

The Talent Solution.

We have created a microsite, which we can connect to the existing website any business, removing high development costs. This is a standalone environment where you can upload content dedicated to employment opportunities and talent acquisition. Rather than have a website for customers and employees, have one for each, after all they have different needs and motivations. The site can be customised to match your brand and all content updates are controlled entirely by you and your team. Finally a place where candidates can come and find all the information relevant to them.

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Easy Integration

The Talent Microsite can be linked to any existing website to deliver a dedicated area, filled with engaging and relevant content, for potential candidates to visit and view
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Flexibility and Control

The microsite has a content management system that gives you and your team flexibility and control over new content
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Proactive Engagement

Our video production facility allows us to create content to engage and proactively market to exceptional candidates looking for your opportunity
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Motivate Talent

Promote your CSR activity, environmental stance, benefits, equality and diversity credentials and much more to position yourself as a tier one employer
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Showcase Success

Showcase the superstars in your company through dynamic case studies, so candidates can see the progression and development opportunities available with you
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Inspiring Video Content

Build a suite of professional video content such as a welcome from the CEO, animated explainer on your recruitment process or a showcase of your community and charitable support
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Link Vacancies to Values

Bring candidates directly to the Talent site to see opportunities, but making the experience more about your company values and less about just a single role
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Enhanced Customisation & Functionality

Structure the content in line with your recruitment strategy and priorities, with additional feature options to handle initial induction, training and admin through a bolt-on system

It's just good business.

The war for talent is real. A new generation of employees is looking for more than just remuneration, they are looking for purpose, balance and fulfilment - the organisations that recognise this and adapt their proposition to suit will be the ones who attract and retain the best and the brightest. Be that organisation.

Ali Waters - Founder, Ali Waters Associates

It makes perfect sense to treat the attraction of talent with equal importance to acquiring new clients. Establishing yourself as an employer of choice will enhance your brand so having an engaging careers section on your website, and a professional, structured recruitment process is a win win.

Brian Wilson - HR Dept Woking & Guildford

Employee Engagement is very fashionable these days, but very essential. It’s a mistake to do it only In-House. Employee Engagement and retention needs to be part of the experience prospective recruits feel when they first set eyes on your business.

Chris Veale - MD, Shippo

Our staff are the absolute key to our business growth and we're working hard to create an environment that encourages the best talent to join us and not the competition.

Jovan Maric - Director, Square Daisy

We have found that the culture, working environment and development opportunities rank just as high, if not higher, with our team than purely salary.

Russ McKenzie - CEO, nTrust

We don't want to feel that when people research vacancies in our company that they are just applying for a a job, we want them to genuinely feel like they are embarking on a career.

Stephanie Crudgington - Head of HR, ABL Ltd

Continually improving our recruitment processes, and engagement with potential employees is essential to ensure we are attracting the people that are aligned to the culture and values of our business.

Helen Opie - Owner, Bright & Beautiful

We are successful because of our team. We work hard to find the best people and explain to them why we're different as a local employer. This delivers a real 'buy-in', generates tremendous loyalty and ensures our customers are very happy with our service.
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